Provide SPF, DKIM, & DMARC DNS settings for your email server


I can assist you with the rapid evaluation of your email authentication setup needs and provide the DNS records needed to support the appropriate usage of SPF, DKIM and DMARC for your email servers. As part of this service I will provide you the DNS records you must configure to successfully have SPF, DKIM and DMARC configured as well as a report following their configuration.

Are you having issues figuring out the various options associated with SPF and DKIM, are you unsure what DMARC is and whether you need it? Or perhaps you have SPF up and running already and are about to adopt a third-party system such as MailChimp and need to ensure you update your SPF records correctly?

I can help by analysing what you have and recommending a course of action with the appropriate records for your current setup, and will also provide the knowledge you need to maintain these DNS records into the future.

With this service you get:
1. DNS records you must configure for SPF, DKIM and DMARC
2. A validated report from UnlockTheInbox upon resolution of the new SPF, DKIM and DMARC records
3. Knowledge of the considerations you must keep in mind for the future to maintain these records, they are not always simply set-and-forget. and skills you need to maintain what we set up. With all the services I provide, I like to take the ‘Teach a person to fish’ approach, so that I empower you with the knowledge
4. Unambiguous service and above all, clarity. I like to ensure 100% satisfaction for my clients and hence am very up-front about what is included for the price. If you have needs beyond what is listed here (such as DKIM configuration on your server, including key-generation) please get in contact for a specific quote.

Please note, to keep the price low, the base service only includes recommending the settings to you and does not include setting up DKIM on your server (this must have been completed before-hand).

As an optional add-on I can complete the DNS configuration for you (provided the appropriate access is given).

Please note, this service (and add-ons) do not include core DKIM configuration on your server/mail service, I can provide this but it will require a custom quote.

If you are unsure of your requirements before you purchase and would like a free 15-min initial consult to see if I can help, you can book in a session at and we can ensure we are on the same page.