Provide you with a mock-interview for IT roles with actionable feedback


Having experience as a Senior IT Manager, I can provide a tailored one-on-one mock-interview with detailed feedback to provide you the coaching and confidence needed for your next interview.

You will provide me with your CV/Resume as well as the job advertisement and job/position description (PD) so I can tailor the interview questions to the role.

The questions I prepare for your session aim to be representative of the questions you may encounter in an IT focused interview for the provided PD.

The kinds of roles I have extensive hiring experience include:
1. Systems Analysts/IT Analyst Programmers
2. IT Business Analysts
3. Systems/Solution Architects
4. Data Architects
5. IT Team Leaders
6. Developers
7. IT Support Analysts

Included in this service you will receive:
1. A 45-minute (remote) mock-interview
2. 15 minutes of tailored feedback immediately following the session
3. A customised series of interview questions, tailored to the PD of the role as provided by you. This will be prepared between the time of purchasing and receipt of the job/position description and the scheduled interview time.

Interview Notes:
1. Be on time, if you are more than 15 minutes late, you forfeit the session. With prior notice, I will permit one session rescheduling. NB. this will extend delivery by up to 48 hours beyond the original time.
2. If you are late, the time will be deducted from the scheduled 1-hour session (i.e. not extended)
3. Failure to show at the scheduled time without notice will result in your forfeiting the mock-interview session.
4. Technology/connection considerations will be taken into account. MS Teams will be utilised for the session. Please note, you are expected to have a webcam and audio/microphone available.
5. Recordings of the session are not permitted but may be purchased as an optional addon. Purchased recordings are Copyrighted and are not permitted to be shared (i.e you purchase a license for personal use, not ownership). A purchased recording is solely intended for the personal use of you as the client for reviewing prior to your upcoming, and any future interviews.
6. Mock-interviews can be conducted daily from 6AM – 7AM or 6:30PM to 11:00PM (GMT +10), hence please factor this in when purchasing to ensure you will be available in the subsequent three days at these times. Additional times may be available throughout the week also (you can see my realtime availability at )